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Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition 星球大戰 大富翁


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Star Wars trilogies: Star Wars fans can celebrate all of the Skywalker movies! This Star Wars edition of the Monopoly game lets players relive all 9 episodes from a galaxy far, far away

Exciting game for Star Wars fans: the Star Wars complete saga edition board game features dynamic and colorful artwork inspired by all 3 trilogies

Iconic Star Wars characters: the game includes 9 tokens; each one is a character that relates to one of the 9 star Wars trilogy movies

Star Wars themes: The properties in this Star Wars themed board game are planets and Droids. Tie fighters and X-wings replace houses and hotels. Landing on a light speed space lets players fly ahead

Star Wars themed cards: If a player lands on a Jedi training or holocron space, They have to pick the matching card and do whatever action It says


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