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CS-Files 犯罪現場 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (Bilingual Version)




踏入《犯罪現場》,你被捲入一宗預謀的兇殺案,面對狡詐的凶手,你的頭腦是破案的唯一利器! 兇手精心策劃犯案手法;鑑證專家掌握一切案中的相關證物,將提交凶案的分析報告; 一眾調查員必須盡展才智,檢視每項線索,合力推敲出兇案的關鍵證物及行兇手法。 調查員必須注意同袍中誰人神色有異,因為真兇正潛藏在眾人之中。 調查員能否察言辨色、抽絲剝繭,洞察兇手的心思,將罪犯繩之於法? 還是兇手的詭計得逞,騙過眾人然後逃之夭夭?

#虛張聲勢    #合作     #扮演

In the game, players take on the roles of investigators attempting to solve a murder case – but there’s a twist. The killer is one of the investigators! Each player’s role and team are randomly assigned at the start of play and include the unique roles of Forensic Scientist, Witness, Investigator, Murderer, and Accomplice. While the Investigators attempt to deduce the truth, the murderer’s team must deceive and mislead. This is a battle of wits!

The Forensic Scientist has the solution but can express the clues only using special scene tiles while the investigators (and the murderer) attempt to interpret the evidence. In order to succeed, the investigators must not only deduce the truth from the clues of the Forensic Scientist, they must also see through the misdirection being injected into the equation by the Murderer and Accomplice!

Find out who among you can cut through deception to find the truth and who is capable of getting away with murder!

#Bluffing    #Cooperative   #RolePlaying



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