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5-Minute Mystery (Mastermind Edition)





5-Minute Mystery is a high-intensity, deductive, mystery game in which players work together to find a culprit hidden in a line-up of suspects.Just moments before the Museum of Everything was set to unveil its newest exhibit, the priceless MacGuffin, some criminal snuck in and stole it! Now it’s up to you, a team of detectives, to crack the case, find the culprit, and recover the missing MacGuffin.

Start by searching for hidden symbols in each room of the museum and find the matching symbols on the codex. Once you’ve found all of the symbols in the room, you’ll unlock a clue about the culprit.Match the barcode of the clue tile against the culprit tile to discover valuable information about the crook. Does the miscreant have an umbrella? No? Well, that eliminates the shifty Mr. Braxton, doesn’t it? Quickly sort through the suspect cards in your hand to narrow down who the criminal can be.

1-4 players | 5-30 minutes | age 8+

5 分鐘系列又一新作,今次的目標係要你5分鐘之內捉到兇手。時限之內在圖片中找尋隱藏的符號,集齊一套就可以從解鎖器中獲得線索。憑著犯人留下的線索,捉到犯人完成每一個故事吧!



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